Celebrate and Stream together with Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a browser extension for watching TV remotely with friends/family to enjoy your favourite movie time with your long-distance loved ones. However, the Netflix Party synchronises video playback and adds group chat to your favourite streaming sites. Furthermore, you can stream movies and TV series in high definition with anyone. While, with video synchronises, a unique live chat function lets you react to the on-screen action in real-time. Moreover, you can stream the Netflix Party movies and TV series. Overall, this extension will increase your binge-watching experience. 

How to use Netflix party?

Firstly, install the Netflix Party Extension to host or join the watch party. For that, make sure to have either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your device. Furthermore, you can download the extension by clicking here. Apart from that, this extension is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chromebook devices. 

Now, you will see the button on the side of the address bar in your browser; pin it to the toolbar. However, if you don’t see it, click the puzzle icon on the top right corner of the browser. You will find the icon there, and hence you can pin it in your toolbar.

Next, you have to open Netflix and sign in to your account. Furthermore, know that you need your Netflix subscription to form a Netflix party. Moreover, everyone must have their own Netflix subscription to join the watch party smoothly.

After signing in, search for the video you want to watch at your watch party and start by playing it. Then pause the video after playing it for a few seconds.

Then, tap on the button given on the toolbar. You’ll see a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” window will open with a “START A PARTY” button. Thus, to host your Netflix watch party, click on that button. Next, copy and share the generated link with your loved ones who you want at the watch party.

You have to follow the same steps to join a watch party. Now, start by installing the extension and pinning it to the toolbar. Then, sign in to the Netflix account and click on the invitation URL sent to you by your friend.

Features of Netflix Party

You have to follow the same steps to join a watch party. Now, start installing the Netflix Party extension and pinning it to the toolbar. Then, sign in to the Netflix account and click on the invitation URL sent to you by your friend

The netflix watch party is available around the world. Thus, it does not matter where you are or your friends. You can connect with them and stream if you have this extension.

You can customize your profile differently. In addition, you can fix a nickname and a use icon to bring a personal touch to your watch party and live chat. Moreover, these things will also show in your group chat and watch party.

In all the watch parties with high resolution and exceptional HD video quality, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience.

You can stream with your friends and family via the Netflix Party, no matter where they are in the world. Therefore, even if your connections live far away, you can host a watch party and feel close.

You can add as many as 100 people in your watch party. Hence, enjoy the show night with your gang all together. 

All the videos with this extension load videos at a quick speed. As there are no buffering problems, you will be more than happy to stream with no disturbance.

Though, the Netflix party also offers the feature of live group chat. This means, you can watch and talk with them during the movie night.

If you’re the host of the watch party, you can enable a button named “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL,” which will give you control over the complete watch party. However, the system settings will still lie with the respective watch party members.

Frequently Asked Question

The answer to your question is yes. The Netflix Party is 100% free. 

This one is the main question. Additionally, we are up-to-date with no password-sharing, but if Netflix Party allowed that, it’d be begging for passwords from the host. In like manner, each person of your Netflix Party has to have a subscription. Still, in our thoughts, it doesn’t matter if one person is streaming on Basic Standard Definition and the other in 4K Ultra High Definition.

There can be a few reasons you face problems with beginning the Netflix Party. Whereas, the first step is to log out and log in back to Netflix. Suppose, this doesn’t work; try uninstalling and reinstalling the Chrome extension. Even though, still trying these, you are facing issues. Then, it is happening because you and your Netflix Party people are watching from different countries, so one region may have the selected content, and the other doesn’t.

Here, ask the person facing the problem connecting to search for the TV show or movie on their own Netflix platform. To explain, if it’s not available on both subscriptions, you won’t be able to stream it together. With this in mind, check your ”Do Not Track settings in your browser’s settings. As, some browsers permit users to block selected websites from collecting browsing data. Thus, this extension will not work if ”Do Not Track is chosen.